Women’s Equality Party

Breaking down the barriers, to give equality a fair chance


We all like to think that we live in a gender equal society. So much so that in the last few years the issue of gender inequality has started to lose priority. Yet, we are far from achieving equality. Brexit and Trump’s election have actually driven a rise in populism that not only slowed progress but also reversed it in many places. With so many causes competing for people’s attention, W.E.P. needs campaigns that stand out and capture attention so that the issue of gender equality is heard loud and clear, and remains a priority in people’s minds and hearts.


The Women’s Equality Party was created to drive equal representation in politics, business, industry and throughout working life. It does so by relentlessly fighting the many barriers to equality. From violence against women and girls, to the gender pay gap, to the negative effect both Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have on women.


Fighting abuse, harassment, and violence – How can we hope for abuse and violence against women and girls to ever stop if it is allowed to go unchecked in the very place where laws are made? This has been the idea behind our WEP campaigns that address abuse, harassment and violence against women and girls. The focus of these campaigns was to make ending violence against women and girls a political priority. 

‘There’s Still More To Do’ Membership campaign – To drive recruitment for WEP we created a powerful social media campaign centred around the idea that ‘WE are just getting started’.

Brexit poster – Ahead of the European Parliament Elections, we created a giant billboard mocking Nigel Farage’s controversial ‘Breaking point’ poster. Our version reversed the anti-EU sentiment by highlighting that in fact Brexit has driven our NHS and social care to breaking point with thousands of nurses from the EU leaving and 1 in 10 posts now being vacant.


All our W.E.P work delivered significant traction and multiple pieces of coverage nationally, including a full article in The Evening Standard.

The ‘haven for harassers’ campaign resulted in 5 out of 5 of the MPs facing allegations stepping down. The work has since been chosen to feature in a permanent exhibition in the New York-based Poster House museum.

The recruitment campaign resulted in 3 months’ worth of new members in the 3 weeks following campaign launch, and increased their TikTok following by 60k.