The Pig Pledge

How a hashtag drove millions of people to make the Pig Pledge


To communicate the reality of pig farming in the UK in a way that would resonate with a mass audience (not just the already converted) with no media budget and little resources to bring the campaign to life.


We didn’t want people to stop eating pork, just to choose pork that came from a cruelty free farm. To get noticed we did two things. Firstly, we involved celebrity advocates our audience would be interested in. Secondly, tapping into the YouTube trend for reaction videos, we filmed the shocked response of our celebs as they watched factory farming footage. This was used in a short social video designed to encourage people to find out more (“what are they watching?”), that led to the disturbing truth. Those signing up were then asked to show their support by posting a selfie turning their nose up to pig cruelty with the hashtag #TurnYourNoseUp. Content created included a film, social content, stunts and merchandise designed by Vivienne Westwood.


The campaign achieved a reach of 121 million. We secured 65 high profile celebrity endorsements who supported the cause and spread the word. Over 3 million people watched the film on Facebook.