How helping people show how much they care delivered sales above target for Moonpig

Business challenge

Moonpig revolutionised the way we buy greeting cards back in 2000, becoming a leading brand, famous for its cheeky personalised cards and, of course, that jingle. But almost 18 years on and Moonpig was no longer the leader. The online cards and gifts market had become increasingly competitive, homogeneous, and promotionally led. Moonpig had to breathe new life into their brand and needed a campaign that would help it stand out and make it front of mind whenever people were thinking about sending a card or a gift. All this with the added challenge of having small budgets.


Personalised cards and gifts are really about showing that you’ve made an extra effort to find something unique for the people you love. Moonpig is there to celebrate heartfelt moments, help you connect with the people who matter the most to you and show them just how much you care.

Comms Idea

We didn’t want Moonpig to be yet another brand telling caring stories. So we decided to make it the brand that actually gives people tangible ways to show they care more. We did it via promotions, for example by offering discounts on large and giant cards for Valentine’s Day, because ‘the bigger the card, the bigger the love’.

We did it by giving the brand’s media space up to real people for Mother’s Day, so sons and daughters could go on TV to share their love with their mums. And, for Father’s Day, we gave media space to fathers, so they could share emotional stories about fatherhood. We then invited people to tell their fathers how much they care.


The campaign delivered above target, achieving a +15% year on year sales increase.