How rallying people to stop tolerating bladder weakness got a small brand to stand out (and be talked about)


To get a small brand, with little awareness and a small budget, to stand out versus the giant incontinence pad brands.


Bladder weakness limits people’s lives. It makes them worried to go out, travel, or to even laugh, cough or sneeze. Innovo – the wearable femtech device that helps strengthen the pelvic floor – was created to liberate people from the constrains of bladder weakness, so they can find freedom and live their life with no limits.


Lots has been done to normalise incontinence and fight the stigma and shame associated with it. Which is great. Yet, normalising incontinence also means sending the message that this condition is a fact of life and people have to put up with it and just manage it with temporary fixes. The truth is, they don’t. because thanks to Innovo there is now another way. We challenged the status quo and created an ‘anti-normalisation’ movement, rallying people to stop tolerating bladder weakness and start treating it instead.


In the UK sales were 20% higher than plan in the first month after launch and site visits increased by 35% versus the previous month. In the US when the ad was on air sales doubled and organic traffic to the site saw on average a 700% increase.