How a provocative, punchy campaign drove cut-through and talkability/PR for Gymbox


To help Gymbox acquire new members and increase retention in a fiercely competitive market, by changing the perception that it was the gym for the fit and sexy, which scared quite a few people off.


Gymbox was born to be the antidote to boring gyms, anti the bland, beige and boringly snooty health clubs. So everything about its gyms – from the physical places themselves, to the classes, the equipment and the staff – is made to be different, more fun, even a bit insane at times!


Going back to the core of Gymbox’s purpose, we created a distinctive campaign focused on the thought that ‘working out can be as fun as going out’, injecting a sense of excitement into gym going. Focusing on Gymbox’s key strengths – the unique classes, resident DJs, top equipment and personal trainers – we created a powerful campaign, combining unexpected, and often provocative lines with an unignorably punchy yellow and black new design.


The campaign resulted in a 17% increase in membership enquiries. Our punchy and provocative lines got people talking and received great coverage and praise by many off-line and online publications and communities like ‘Best ads on TV’ and ‘Ads of the world’.