Celebrating EXTRA to bring to life Fage Fruits’ extraordinary eating experience


The fruit yoghurt category is possibly one of the most commoditised – even more so after the Covid pandemic, when an increased focus on health led to a flurry of launches and NPD. Who really needs yet another fruit yoghurt? This is the big challenge the Fage brand faced.


For years the Fage brand has been committed to inspiring people to eat better and therefore live better. This means not only eating food that is healthy, but also tasty; food that you truly enjoy and which makes you happy.


The Fage brand is known for its great quality Greek Yoghurt. To fruit yoghurt lovers, though, plain yoghurt is boring. In launching Fage Fruits we wanted to leverage the positive associations with the brand but also challenge the negative ones. Our thinking was simple: when you add amazing fruit to the best Greek yoghurt, you get something truly EXTRA-ordinary.

So we set out to celebrate EXTRA. EXTRA as the Fage Fruits yoghurt, with its extraordinary taste and texture. But EXTRA also as an attitude to life. Those people who live and demand extra from life and the brands they buy. Because EXTRA is truly, always better.
The idea was brought to life using different larger than life characters. The campaign was launched in the UK, France, Spain, and the Netherlands, and it consisted of print, digital proximity OOH, and social (including YouTube).


The campaign has just launched and we are receiving hugely positive feedback! But we have no results available yet.