How embracing its fighting spirit helped set Carabao up to be the next big energy drink


In a market dominated by famous names like Red Bull and Monster, how do you successfully launch a new brand? This was the challenge faced by Carabao. Because though huge in its Thai homeland, it was an unknown quantity in the UK. The brand didn’t even have any significant distribution in its South East launch region when we started working with it… let alone any consumer awareness or interest.


To help people overcome their daily challenges and reach their goals.


Bring It On. Success comes from relentless strength and determination to keep going, despite life’s many obstacles and failures. With the right attitude and energy we can take anything on. We developed a brand sell-in toolkit and integrated campaign consisting of football sponsorship activation, retail activation, sampling, OOH, digital and social that was a call to arms, to embrace the spirit of the powerful, stead-fast, resilience synonymous with South East Asia’s Water Buffalo and Carabao’s namesake.


0-22% awareness by end of campaign period and secured vital listings including Tesco.