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TV – ‘Father’s Day 2019’
TV – ‘Mother’s Day 2019’
TV – ‘Love Bigger- Valentines 2019’
TV – ‘Christmas 2018’
TV – ‘Share a moment’
TV – Christmas 2017
TV – Valentines Day 2018
TV – Mothers Day 2018
TV – Christmas 2018
TV – Valentines Day 2019

How celebrating shared moments helped Moonpig make gifting more personal

Moonpig revolutionised the way we buy greeting cards back in 2000, becoming a leading brand, famous for its cheeky personalised cards and, of course, that jingle. But 17 years on and the online cards and gifts market had become increasingly crowded and competitive, with personalisation as standard.


Moonpig had to breathe new life into their brand. They needed a campaign that would reposition it away from its slightly tacky and cheap image, achieve stand out and make the brand front of mind whenever people were thinking about sending a card or a gift.


Our journey started with the truth that gifting is all about showing how much we value our relationships. And that the best gifts are those that are truly personal – like a meaningful and personalised card or gift from Moonpig – because they show you really know and understand the recipient, deeply. And by doing that, you show how much you really care.


We all share unique and often hilarious moments with our friends, colleagues and loved ones. Using Moonpig’s distinctive sense of heartfelt humour, our campaign celebrated those moments in all their rib- tickling, tear-jerking, heart-warming glory.Each campaign was very successful and delivered results that exceeded targets. Which is quite exceptional in such a volatile market.
In 2018 we rolled up our sleeves again, eager to deliver the same great results. We knew the market was only due to get more crowded and aggressive and that we had to get smarter with targeting.


In depth research and analysis highlighted that the biggest opportunity for Moonpig lay in the more emotional card buyers – people who make quite an effort to buy meaningful cards and gifts for their loved ones and are really motivated by the need to share their deep, authentic feelings.


This meant we had to evolve our strategy. Humour may not work with the new audience. Plus, to appeal to them at a deep level we had to speak to their own desire to love and care more.


Which was challenging, considering that so many brands go all sentimental when it comes to special occasions. Going all emotional meant we would risk drowning in a sea of sameness.


So instead of being yet another brand that shows and tells caring stories, we decided to be that brand that gives people tangible ways to show they care more. It is done via our promotions, for example offering discounts on large and giant cards because ‘the bigger the card, the bigger the love’. Or it is done through our communication, by giving our media space up to real people, so they can go live nationally to share true, heartfelt messages with their mums. Whatever Moonpig does, the intent behind it is always to help people ‘deliver more love’.The new ads also moved away from the heartfelt humour of previous communication, to a more caring and sincere tone of voice.This has resulted in the campaign so far delivering above target, achieving a +15% year on year sales increase.