Quiet Storm | Chris
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Author: Chris

11 Sep New work for HARIBO Germany

HARIBO Germany is launching a series of three new ads for Goldbears, Color-Rado and Phantasia confectionary, created by Quiet Storm. The first executions ‘Farmer’ and ‘Library’ launch on September the 2nd, to be followed by a third spot later this year. This is the latest instalment since the successful launch of the new Kids Voices campaign in Germany...

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02 Aug New work for ICEE

We're so proud of our new work for ICEE, watch the ads below - coming to a cinema near you soon! Deliciously Distracting: https://vimeo.com/351586514 Swizzle Fizzle Freshy Freeze: https://vimeo.com/328699238 ...

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