How moving from disinfection to glamorous cleaning made more and more people fall in love with Zoflora


To drive brand awareness, salience and penetration in a largely undifferentiated and very competitive, and support a rapid roll out of NPD without diluting the brand.



More than 100 years ago the main disinfectant used to clean public spaces, like cinemas and dance halls, smelt terrible. Zoflora was created to solve that issue, making disinfectant smell like perfume, so community spaces could be enjoyable places for everyone. To this day Zoflora continues to uplift and energise homes and communities with its amazing fragrances and growing range of products.


You would never expect a disinfectant brand to be something people obsess about. Yet this is the case for Zoflora. Its lovers, who call themselves ‘Zoflora addicts’, even refer to using the brand as ‘Zofloring’ rather than cleaning or disinfecting.

In a largely functional and performance-based category, Zoflora offers something different, bringing a bit of glamour and joy to otherwise mundane and boring tasks. Basically, whether it’s disinfectant of floor wipes, it just does things more beautifully than its competitors. We brought this idea to life through the line using distinctive creative that breaks category conventions, showing very little cleaning and using stylish bursts of explosions of ingredients to deliver amazing fragrance. All wrapped up in the ‘Kills Germs Beautifully’ end line. This was later updated to ‘Cleans Homes Beautifully’, once the product portfolio could fully deliver on  wider cleaning promise.

Below the line we used audience targeted dynamic digital display ads that featured different imagery and messaging that reflected the needs of the individual audience profiles. We also chose some stand out high impact creative formats that really disrupted people’s online behaviour. The strategy was then rolled out by the agency group into social campaigns designed to engage new users coming into the brand, website redesign and POS executions.

This was an uplifting idea that could flex to any product within the portfolio, whilst also building a consistent and recognisable brand that stands apart from it’s competitors.


Short term results were immediately impressive. Comparing the 4 weeks after launch with the 4 weeks before launch, Zoflora’s value share grew 24%, value sales grew 14%, and 4 week penetration grew by an incredible 43%.

Looking at the longer term Zoflora saw a 7% y.o.y growth between 2021 and 2022 (in a market where sales were down -3.8%). And from 2022 – 2023 ‘Brand Worth’ increased from £38m to £47m. Our uplifting, and beautifully different campaign had helped them transition from a single concentrated distinctive brand to a successful household cleaning brand with a collection of products and fragrances.