Young’s Seafood

How inspiring people to master fish helped Young’s grow by £15m


To protect and grow Young’s market leading position, despite the brand being outspent 5x over by a big, household name competitor: Birds Eye.


Brits like the idea of fish. We often eat it in restaurants but lack the confidence or ideas to cook it ourselves at home. This means we miss out on the perfect combo of taste and health that fish offers.

Here was a problem Young’s could solve, translating expertise that comes from over 200 years specialisation into a clear and differentiating leadership position focused on inspiring a love of fish across the nation. Something Birds Eye could never say.


When you want to do something well but don’t know how, it’s best to learn from a master. And Young’s are the true Masters Of Fish. No one makes delicious fish more easy for others to master themselves, whatever the occasion.

A flexible idea, we’ve bought Young’s mastery to life in many ways: from TV ads celebrating the mealtime achievements of the brand’s shoppers, to social activations focused on helping people master particular mealtime needs, with inspirational recipes and influencer partnerships to tap into new audiences.


Showing the importance of owning your truth, Masters of Fish helped drive Young’s spontaneous awareness up by 44%, attracted half a million extra households to the brand in just 10 weeks, delivered £15m incremental sales during campaign, and a 22% increase in longer term base sales. This strengthened Young’s lead over Birds Eye, firmly establishing it as clear no.1 in the market. Masters of Fish was also awarded The Grocer’s Ad of the Week and won a FAB Award!