How using humour drove millions of people to engage with the iconic Mercedes G-Class

Business challenge

To help keep the iconic G-class and its timeless design relevant to today’s car buyers, driving fame and increasing reach.

Comms Idea

The G-Class undergoes seriously thorough tests to make sure it delivers superlative off-road capabilities. So, it is only fair to say that whoever wants to drive it should be up to it and truly deserve it.

Based on the idea that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ we created a digital video highlighting the special talents anyone who wants to own a G-Class is required to demonstrate.


The videos delivered over 8.7 million online impressions, nearly 2.5 million video views and 250k interactions, with zero paid media support. Average watch time was well over two minutes (+59% vs G Class norms and +97% vs Mercedes) and total watch time was over 9,000 hours (+21% vs G-Class norms and +579% vs Mercedes).