How letting out the inner child proved globally appealing for Haribo

Business challenge

To deliver a consistent, brand-ownable idea that could run globally to support and grow Haribo in both established and development markets.


There’s a simple joy in opening a packet of Haribo: it’s an antidote to a world that can seem overly grey and serious… a chance to let your hair down and forget the pressures of life. For a brand that wants to do right by not targeting kids directly, we saw this ability to ‘bring out the child inside’ as a positive role Haribo could play, bringing small moments of childlike happiness to the world whatever your age.

Comms Idea

Speaking to the inner child rather than a specific demographic has given a clear direction to all of Haribo’s comms activity, most famously and impactfully on TV. In a simple yet potent dramatising of Haribo’s ability to release the child inside all of us, having adults speak, very literally, with the voices of real children, authentically captures the spontaneous joy the brand brings whether you’re 16 or 60: a universal truth that can travel the world. This insight has informed everything that Haribo does across all their channels: we’ve created short social-only content for Halloween, and mobilised the social community to show support for their favourite Haribo pieces to win branded merchandise. We’ve even inspired Haribo fans to create their own versions and post them on social media! We’ve also developed platforms for other agencies to activate against.


With over 50 ads across 23 countries, our success includes reinforcing Haribo’s dominant position in the UK and overtaking own label for the first time, a double digit return to growth in the brand’s German home market, and a household  penetration increase of over 100% in the US. Kids’ Voices have been rated within the top 1% of most impactful ads ever researched using Millward Brown’s Link Test.