Quiet Storm | Vimto
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Case study
TV – I See Vimto in You

In summer 2018 Vimto were on a mission to grow from a Northern brand to a Nationwide staple by getting their refreshing drink into the minds and mouths of the UK’s trickiest target market – teens. A cynical audience who can smell a marketing ploy a mile off, who are constantly being bombarded by the media and, if you tell them something is cool, find it instantly un-cool and reject it.


So how do you get this audience to notice you? Simple – tell them not to look. 


Sticking two fingers up to the traditional way of doing ads, our anti-advertising campaign encouraged people to take their eyes off the screen, to not click on our banners, to not follow our instagram and to ignore our sampling. We then rewarded those who broke the rules with unique, entertaining experiences and content, showing them our approval with an explicit moment of recognition from the brand: I See Vimto In You.

For a generation under constant pressure to be a certain way and do certain things, who just want to be recognised and accepted for who they are – individuals with their own unique spark of difference, this celebration of their Vimto Spirit resonated powerfully and set Vimto apart from the mainstream.


And even though the campaign doesn’t mention the Vimto brand once until the end frame, which was another anti-advertising decision, the campaign has rewarded us with off the chart results – such as, unheard of digital display engagement at an incredible eight times the industry average and sales growth of 15%, their highest ever to reach Vimto’s highest ever.