Quiet Storm | Project Embrace
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Project Embrace

Print, OOH, Social

Proud to be me

Afro hair is rarely seen in any advertising, let alone on giant city-centre billboards.


We helped Project Embrace to put that right with #Afrovisibility – an outdoor campaign featuring powerful images of black women wearing their afro hair in natural, unapologetic styles.


Lekia Lée launched Project Embrace when she realised the only black women her daughter Siirah would complement had straight hair. On the rare occasions a black woman is featured in an ad, she usually has her afro hair covered by wigs and weaves that disguise its true texture. Lekia wanted to challenge and expose the negative issues around afro hair by celebrating black girls’ beauty and stopping them from growing up being completely underrepresented, an issue that can hugely affect people’s self-esteem.


This campaign was designed to redefine perceptions of black hair by presenting diverse images of beauty that will inspire black girls and women to feel confident about their natural looks.


The campaign featured a diverse group of real women; a teacher, a finance manager, a writer, a receptionist, a student and an HR partner who all happily celebrated their afros, declaring: “Proud to be me”.


We saw an incredible public response on social media including multiple celebrity endorsements. The Campaign also generated global media coverage including Glamour Magazine UK and international, Huffington Post and Stylist Magazine.