Quiet Storm | GymBox
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Print, OOH, Social

Antidote to ‘boring’ gyms

Loaded with unique classes, resident DJs and very personal trainers – this London based fitness brand is not your run of the (tread)mill gym. But they needed a stand out campaign to let people know that they weren’t like all the rest. That’s where we came in. Combining unexpected lines with an unignorably punchy yellow we created a distinctive campaign that brought to life just what makes these guys different.

People love the posters, with a huge response online to the first phase alone. Keep an eye out for the new executions we’ll be adding this year as we let even more Londoners know that, with Gymbox, working out is as much fun as going out.

Campaign results

  • Spontaneous brand awareness doubled amongst under 35s in London
  • Claimed consideration up to 6th place for same audience, despite having only 10 outlets
  • Highest ever levels of 3 month plus membership
  • 20% increase in the number of members also taking classes