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Ebookers: Advertising

Ebookers Advertising

How promising people more from their ebooker’s holiday drove registrations 30% above target

As with many on-line markets, travel consumers are faced with a host of identical brands offering similar products and prices. For ebookers, the chances of being chosen were further hampered by lower awareness, a limited advertising budget and a cold, uninviting visual identity which didn’t connect with travellersand their aspirations.

With so little to choose between product and prices, we focused on the one thing ebookersdid do better: loyalty. Unlike most travel loyalty schemes, which lock you in for the long haul but deliver very little in return, ebooker’sBonus+ offers generous ‘near to cash’ rewards you can spend instantly on the travel you are about to take. Definitely a reason to keep coming back.

Why do we travel? For the customers ebookers wanted to attract, it’s to get more out of life by living it to the full. Which is what we promised to deliver: MORE. Building on the Bonus+ ‘more rewarding’ point of difference we shouted loud that ‘ebookersgives you more’ from your travel. We then wrapped this message in an equally distinctive visual identity and vibrant tone of voice which we delivered through all aspects of the business across Europe, from web design to TV, business cards to banner ads.

Despite being outgunned by its bigger, better known competitors, traffic to the ebookers website increased by 15% over the course of the campaign. But more importantly given business challenges, sign-ups to the Bonus+ scheme were some 30% above target level, helping maximisefuture sales potential.