Quiet Storm | People
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Trevor Robinson OBE

Executive Creative Director

Rania Robinson

CEO and Managing Partner

Jon Howard

Planning Partner

Tanya Faulkner

Managing Director

Dave Owen

Technical Director

Matthew Mifsud

Creative Director

Emma Chapman

Finance Director

Scott Powney

Digital Director

Laurence Quinn

Creative Director

Jon Dale

Business Director

Miles McWilliam

Account Director

Ella Littlewood

Senior Producer

Claire Peacock

Senior Account Manager

Robyn Bowman


Alex Azis

Production Manager

Abigail McCormack

Project Manager

Stuart Crossman

Senior Account Manager

Steven Adjei

Account Manager

Seb Jamous


Harry Iddon


Chloe Haggag

Junior Designer

Tanya Selim

Junior Digital Designer

Becky Hamilton

TV Admin

Rebecca Bailey

Finance and Office Manager

Emily Wolley

Production Runner

Summer Rozenbroek

Marketing Assistant