Quiet Storm | Quiet Storm's new advert for Young's Gastro
Quiet Storm's new advert for Young's Seafood, featuring a frustrated cat called Malcolm voiced by Rupert Everett
Quiet Storm, Young's, Young's Seafood, advert, ad, malcolm, cat, Rupert Everett, #lovefish, fish, gastro
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14 Jan Time to Get some Young’s fishy on your little dishy

Our first work for Young’s Seafood has arrived, showing how the quality ingredients and culinary skill that goes into their products make them irresistibly delicious. And we know this because we have a frustrated fish expert to tell us, someone who never gets any Young’s fishy on his little dishy. Please can we hear it for Malcolm (voiced to perfection by Rupert Everett).

There’s also some fun blooper and behind the stuff here which you might want to have a look at.