Quiet Storm | Grocer Campaigns of the Year: double gold for QS
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08 Jan Grocer Campaigns of the Year: double gold for QS

Every December the Grocer magazine brings out its Top Products Survey. Part of this looks at advertising, and awards top campaign by category. And in 2015 QS struck gold twice, with Haribo in confectionary and Young’s in frozen food.

According to the Grocer, Haribo was something “charming…(that) all ages can enjoy…allowing the confectioner to hit all demographics in one TV slot…clever“, with Young’s “a touch of class – exactly what the brand is going for with its high-end fish dishes“.

On top of this, Haribo was also named most impactful campaign of the year according to research commissioned by the Grocer using Nielsen’s TV Brand Effect study.

That’s the power of a Quiet Storm MindBomb – if we can do the same for you, let us know!

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