About us

Founded by Trevor Robinson OBE in 1995, we’re a purpose led, employee-owned creative agency. We believe in the power of creativity to positively transform businesses, lives and society.


We call this Creativity with Purpose. Like creating moments of childlike happiness with Haribo, or addressing gender disparity with the Women’s Equality Party.  

What makes us unusual?

Taking ownership

Quiet Storm is employee owned. We are all partners in the business which means everyone has a personal vested interest in the success of our clients. We also produce all our own work. Films directed by the very people who created the idea means nothing gets lost in translation resulting in more impactful work.

Different perspectives

With a team that comes from all walks of life, along with our network of young creators, we deliver fresh ideas which achieve better results and connect powerfully with real people in the real world.

Actions over words

We consistently deliver transformative business results, we run our own not for profit organisation Create Not Hate, we’re a certified B-Corporation (check out our latest Impact Report) we’re reducing our carbon footprint as part of our commitment to Ad Net Zero, and we have a 25-year history of powerful pro-bono charity work.

As an Employee Ownership Trust, our staff are all partners in our business. This means you have a passionate and collaborative bunch who have a vested interested in your success, as it ultimately ensures ours.

Jenna Hayward

Account Director & PartnerConnect to Jenna

Alex Azis

Head of Production & PartnerConnect to Alex

Lily Le Moine

Junior Creative & PartnerConnect to Lily

Becca Bailey

Finance, Office Manager & PartnerConnect to Becca

Rania Robinson

CEO & PartnerConnect to Rania

Jon Howard

Planning PartnerConnect to Jon

Heidi Moss

Agency Assistant & PartnerConnect to Heidi

Meghan Shuttlewood

Creative & PartnerConnect to Meg

Emma Chapman

Finance Director & PartnerConnect to Emma

Emily Wolley

Junior Producer & PartnerConnect to Emily

Ruth Dunham

Designer & Partner

Dave Owen

Technical Director & PartnerConnect to Dave

Summer Rozenbroek

Head of Operations of Quiet Storm & Create Not Hate, Production Coordinator & Partner Connect to Summer

Seb Jamous

Senior Creative & PartnerConnect to Seb

Andrew Fraser

Editor & PartnerConnect to Andrew

Jon Dale

Client Services Director & PartnerConnect to JD

Trevor Robinson OBE

Founder, Executive Creative Director & PartnerConnect to Trevor

Manisha Pochun

Account Director & PartnerConnect to Manisha

Becky Hamilton

Broadcast AdministrationConnect to Becky

Shona Reilly

Junior Creative & PartnerConnect to Shona