Quiet Storm | We are Quiet Storm, creative agency and purveyors of the finest MindBombs
Founded by Trevor Robinson OBE in 1995, we have always seen our purpose in simple terms. Whatever the challenges, our job is to make things happen for your business; to celebrate what makes you great and to get people excited about your brands . How? Well, for us it’s all about harnessing the power of creativity. Because without the disruptive power of creative thinking and creative ideas nothing ever changes. It’s why we are so inquisitive. About brands, the people who buy them, and the reasons why. Unlocking this is the key to success. When human motivations and brand truth meet, that’s where the creative magic happens and the most effective ideas can be found. We call these MindBombs. And we don’t just come up with these ideas either. Where film is concerned, we produce and direct everything ourselves as well. Why? Because it just makes sense: it’s quicker, more cost effective and ultimately gives you better results. Seems stupid not to!
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